I’m seeing a remarkable improvement in M disposition toward schoolwork.  She’s no longer combative about doing her required work and she’s more accepting of studying and spending time with her schoolwork.  She even seems to be enjoying some of her subjects.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical whether or not this energy work would be effective but it really seems to be helping.  Also, thankfully, her self- esteem seems to be improving.  Even my husband remarked that M seems happier and more co-operative.  Thank you for all you are doing to help what was a really difficult situation.  Many thanks!
Janet – NY
Thank you so very much for my awesome session. There have been some really cool shifts happening in my experience! Most importantly, I have been standing up for myself in a whole new way which has been so cool? Thank you so much for my session Christine. I really get that it helped unlock some things for me.
Gus - NY
Hi Dr. Christine, lol ?, The palpitations and heart-related symptoms subsided significantly within 1/2 hour after we spoke. After all the testing, EKG and blood work everything came back normal, just received the call. I’m very grateful to you!
Marg - NY
Thank you so much Christine. I loved our session.I was extremely efficient today.
What I thought would take me whole week took me a day.
Marie - CT
I was introduced to Access Bars during a period of intense personal crisis.  At the time, I was doing my best to accept and welcome drastic changes in my life and not fear them.  I was also working through a mountain of hurt, anger, resentment and regret.  The work I was doing was giving me very positive results BUT, it was requiring a great deal of time and effort.  I said time and effort because I didn’t want to use the word work again and that is exactly the point I am trying to make. I was working way too hard!  I knew that there must be an easier way.  I thought to myself that there must be some sort of body work that will process and release all of this mental and emotional baggage and free me from the bondage of it once and for all… with a lot less work!  About a week later I was at a gathering and I met Christine.  She started talking about a process called the Bars.  My ears perked up and a little voice in my head said pay attention, this is what you are looking for, this will make everything easier!  A few weeks later Christine organized a class.   It is difficult to describe what happened at that class.  When gifting bars I felt so much movement of energy and when receiving I went into a blissful, meditative state. That was very pleasant in and of itself and the after effects of having my bars run was indeed what I had been looking for. In a matter of days everything I had been “working on” became truly irrelevant to the present moment and I felt a peaceful expansiveness replace the constriction and fear.

Elizabeth- NJ

Amazing! My neck and back feel wonderful. They have consistently bothered me for years following a car accident. I also feel like I have been internally cleansed.
Wanda – CT


M seems to be doing better in school and gets his homework done more efficiently most nights.  It certainly has relieved a lot of my stress from that aspect.
Denise – NY
Thanks for a great class – your efforts, patience, kindness and insight have made a phenomenal difference in my life and work. Yeah Christine!
Nan - Ohio
When I found out about Access Consciousness I was looking for someone who specialized and understood parenting. I had a lot of judgments and points of view about being a mom and managing two little kids 16 months apart was providing a lot of interesting challenges that I needed help navigating. We started our journey with Christine by learning Access Bars which was such a contribution to our family. I have also worked one on one with her in breaking down beliefs and her giving me new questions to ask around parenting that has given me a new freedom. Christine has a direct no bs way of delivering the information where it makes sense and is practical and fun.  She has also worked one on one with my children giving them love and my oldest daughter said “She gives really good advice, is really nice, and caring”  and my younger daughter Kaya says she “provided me with health, love, and knowing I can be a star no matter what without anyone dimming my light and helped me get rid of night time zombies that was stopping me from sleep”
Brooke (Arielle 8 and Kaya 7) - CT


I am a 78-year-old woman who had a painful condition called fibromyalgia.  Over the years I have tried many alternative approaches to my condition.  Since I have learned about Access, ask questions, have bars sessions, I feel like I have improved so much.  I never use the word fibromyalgia any longer.
Mary – NY


Not only is my son doing better in math but his grades have gone up in all areas since he has been seeing you. (after just 2 weeks)
Christine – NY
Christine is one of the best facilitator’s I know. Her keen sense of awareness, kindness and knowledge of the Access tools are so awe-inspiring. She is always looking at how she can contribute to others and definitely walks her talk.
Lisa – NY
I took both Bars and Foundation with Christine and of all the teachers, facilitators, and practitioners I have encountered over the years (and there are a lot), Christine is without a doubt the real deal!
Not only is her knowledge of the material excellent, she has a quality that cannot be taught, and that is a gift to allow individuals to be completely at ease. I never felt judged or made wrong for anything I experienced, any point of view or judgement I may have had, and that allowed me to make life changing shifts.
Christine clearly walks the talk in her life, and she made that clear when asking me what it would take for me to be able to take the Foundation. I stated a miracle. And by the end of the week Christine managed to create that miracle for me in a way that blew my mind.The Bars and Foundation classes were the most life changing events and it surpassed every expectation I had. There is such a difference between someone who teaches the material and someone who lives it. Christine lives it and I highly recommend her as a facilitator. She has a warm, open, generous heart and is as authentic as they come.
Robin - CT
I want to let you know that I really appreciated your presence, the way you conducted the class and the non-judgmental space that you held yesterday.  I have never felt the freedom to ask so many questions in a class and never (ever) expressed irritation in a group like that before!
Cyndy - NYC
It was quite an amazing weekend….. what space to dive right in and go for it …. and with such ease…and so FUN!! As I said in class, I have never felt such freedom to be me. Thank you for creating that and more! What else is possible!?
Jaclyn – NY
Oh! what a Joy!!
I am being infinitely grateful for Christine and her graceful way of Being and allowance and generosity of spirit expressed though not being willing to buy into limited concepts I’ve been functioning from and with that inspire me to look for what’s True for Me.
Every day was full of wonder and curiosity and laughter and vulnerability and possibility to choose more and so Much more and yet again! And transformation after transformation, after transformation.
Aleksandra – CT
Just wanted to also let you know that K completed his assignment quickly and with very little assistance from his dad or myself!  Normally its constant questions.  This was wonderful!  I reminded him of the questions this morning before dropping him off so I’m excited to see how his day goes. Thank you!  With love and light
Peggy – NY
I just wanted to inform you that T has made great progress this week in both behavior and work ethic. He made up some missed work, and he’s been taking the class more seriously. I’m proud of him, and feel optimistic about the final two months of school.  Thank you for your support.
Dana, teacher – NY
Christine was my facilitator for the Bars class, and I knew by the lunch break that she was/is utterly, authentically, amazing. She IS Access Consciousness, genuinely so, without sounding like a parrot to Gary and Dain. My experience with Bars led me to take the Foundation class with Christine as well, and I’m still loving it; using these phenomenal tools with myself, my family and clients. Thank you, Christine, for making Access so accessible!
Catherine - CT
Once again, I am thrilled to have worked with you! As if by magic, you are able to reach into my being with clarity and assist me in clearing beliefs and things that have had me locked up and limited for my whole life! Working with you is exciting, freeing, and fun! Thank you!
Wendy – Maine