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Changing A Habit

Sep 05, 2018

I’m into some new, fun, and exciting adventures! One of those adventures is the purchase of my first real estate investment property. I bought a little cottage in the mountains and I’m in the process of complete renovation. It got me thinking about the process of change.

When I first started I had a vision of the changes we would make. As the process got started the vision began to change and transform into something different and still continues to change weekly. I’m seeing the intense value in keeping an open mind rather than sticking to my original vision and it has me wondering how much we all miss out on possibilities because we are so stuck with our vision of how things should go in our lives.

Think about the habits and routines you have created in your life.

Do you have a morning routine? A lunch time routine? An evening routine? When we are following a routine how much do we miss? If you took a different route to work I wonder what you might see or experience? If you varied your lunch routine I wonder what surprises would show up? If you made a different choice in the evening what new information might appear?

What if you were more in the question of the possibilities of life? What if you asked, what grand and glorious adventures will I have today? I wonder how different your day would be? If you asked, how does it get any better than this?, I wonder what greater possibilities would show up in your life that you never imagined? If you asked, what else is possible?, I wonder what new ideas might pop for you.

When you are in the question and get out of the habits you function from it’s amazing what can show up that you never knew was possible.

If you didn’t function with the people in your life in the same way I wonder how your relationships could be different. If you look at your financial situation with a different point of view I wonder how much more money would show up in your life? I know for some of you reading this these are some basic tools you have learned before. But I know for me, even after using the tools of Access Consciousness® for 11 years I forget to use the basic tools and I forget how powerful they are in creating change.

So, as I move forward with this renovation and ask questions I get new ideas, I hear other ideas from the people around me and the project gets more and more fun. I’m even considering moving in when it’s done rather than renting it. But rather than making that decision I will be in the question of what that would create in my life. Habits and decisions lock us in a box that don’t allow us to see what is really available. There are so many possibilities beyond the ones that present themselves from our mind. When you are in the question you open the doors to all the universe has to offer.

I wonder what is out there waiting for you as you ask questions and open the doors that have not yet opened for you and your reality?





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