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Lessons from a Table

May 30, 2020

One of the things I love to do is refinish furniture. I’ve had a 1950’s dining room table sitting in my garage for a year and a half waiting to be transformed. The finish was an outdated dark stain, found in many 1950’s homes. The table has been begging to be updated so I got to work with my heavy-duty sander. As the sander took off the original finish the grain of the wood began to show through. Little by little, more and more of the beauty of the wood showed itself.

It was just gorgeous! (Maybe I’m weird but I love wood.)

Now, why am I writing about a table? Because what I realized as the table transformed is that each one of us has our own hidden beauty that is asking to be unmasked. Are you like the wood? Did you come into this world without anything covering you up? As a child were you willing to be totally you? Did you begin to hide yourself based on the rules and regulations of this reality?

We are taught to be like everyone else and act in a way so we fit in. Instead of being who we truly are we become someone we are not and less and less of our beauty becomes visible, especially to ourselves. Others make us wrong and then we begin to judge ourselves as wrong.  In order to avoid judgment and to fit in we often make choices that may not even work for us. It becomes difficult to know what are our points of view and what actually belongs to someone else.

It’s not wrong that we choose to fit in and hide our true being but what if there is another way to be in the world? What if you could have more ease and joy of being you? Does that light you up?

So how do we get in touch with our true being?

First, take a moment to look at this. Ask yourself these questions. Questions always create more awareness.

Am I creating a life that is joyful for me?

Is this the life I truly would like to create?

Am I being me or am I being someone I think I should be?

If I was creating the life I would truly like to create what would it look like and what would it be like?

What action can I take today to have more fun than any day so far?

What choices can I make today that would allow me to shine as the true being of me?

For every thought you have ask, who does this belong to. If it’s not yours it will lighten up and begin to go away. You will start to become more aware of what is yours and what you have picked up from others.

One of my favorite ways to be more of me is to get rid of all the chatter in my head that isn’t mine by having my Bars run. It’s a simple energetic process using light touch on the head to clear the limiting thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve us and are not ours.

If you’ve learned the Bars then I invite you to find someone to trade a Bars session with. If you haven’t learned the Bars then you can receive a session from a practitioner or take a class to learn the Bars. It’s easy to learn and so life changing!

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash



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