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Seasons of Change

Jun 15, 2023

As I walked in a local park today, admiring the spring vibrancy of the trees and beautiful flowers, I began to reflect on my own seasons of change.

We go through various stages in our life based on our age, choices we make, family, friends, jobs, routines and so much more. I wonder how many of the stages we go through are based on our own choice of what we would like to have in our lives and how many are based on an expectation from others.

We often create our life based on the expectations of family, friends, culture, society, and also our own decisions and conclusions of who we need to be. Would you be willing to take a moment to look at what you would actually like to create as your life? Have you ever really looked at what your life would be like if you consciously chose the way you would like it to look?

Do the years go by with the change of new season and your life looks the same? Or possibly some areas of your life have changed and other areas that you would like to change are still the same.

The greatest changes I have experienced in my life have come when I have chosen to take the time to get really clear as to what I would like in my life.  In order to have what you would like in life you have to ask for it. Have you asked for what you would like or do you hope and dream that what you want will show up?

Do you want another season to go by with your life being the same or would you like some change? If change is what you are looking for then get a pen and paper out or open your computer and write down what you desire. If it’s a change in a relationship write down how a great relationship would look in your life. If you would like more money then you have to ask for it. What would your life be like if you had more money? Write it down. What about your body? Is there something that could be different in this area? Would you like to change an illness? Pain? Or have your body look different? Get the energy of what that would be like and write it down. Get a sense of how much larger your life would be if you had these changes.

Then ask, what would you have to be or do differently for all of this change to show up? Are you willing to be and do whatever it takes to create the change?

Here are a few more questions you can ask:

How many points of view do I have that don’t allow the changes I am asking for to actualize? Are you willing to let them all go now?

How many lies am I using to create the lack of change I am choosing? Are you willing to let those lies go now?

What’s the value of my life never changing? If your life is not changing then there is some value in having it stay the same.

Asking questions is a dynamic way to be present with your life and your choices and to begin to create the change you desire in your life.

Enjoy the adventure!!





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